Colorado Springs

It keeps happening.

Mass shootings.


LGBTQ hate.

Gun violence and hate took five lives at a gay club in Colorado Springs. Club Q, known as a safe haven, is not located in a violent area in the Springs, yet it was terrorized by a hateful act that killed five people and injured 25 people.

Where are the safe havens? Schools, places of worship, stores, movie theaters, parades, concerts…one’s home, where are the safe havens?

Reporting reveals that it was not a “good guy with a gun” that stopped “the bad guy with a gun,” as the NRA talking point has pointlessly pushed for years. No, instead it was brave people. More guns won’t make us more safe.

We cannot become numb to actions that are not normal. This is not normal. Everyone deserves to dance, sing, live and simply be who we are without fear of being killed.

Hate talk, whether whispered or wailed, brings about hateful actions…lethal and legislative.

Colorado stands with our LGTBQ community and everyone impacted by this tragedy as we mourn together.

Governor Jared Polis

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