Colorado Republicans take baby step toward democracy

Republicans in Colorado mostly rejected those in their Party who embrace election denial by voting for Colorado Republicans who are sane. A low bar indeed, nevertheless it is a baby step toward Republicans actually welcoming democracy. Alas, there was a full blown election denier and Capitol Hill tour guide in Garfield County, who Republicans re-elected.

Word on the street is, some Republicans in Colorado gained the ability to absorb and accept facts as a result of the high altitude and the abundance of sports teams in the state, although Denver still needs a WNBA team. Those who respect and appreciate sports know, if you cheat to win, you are not a winner.

Sports enthusiasts respect that in competition, there is a winner and a loser. They know that how you play the game is just as important as who you play the game with. And, at the end of the game, you shake hands. You don’t lie to fans that the game was rigged, organize a violent mob to take over the stadium, threaten referees with automatic rifles, and declare that your team won.

Personally, I think it was Colorado’s cannabis that broke the GOP fever of some Trump believers. Ganja cured the GOP in Colorado. As a result of Colorado’s Mile High cannabis delights, the light of truth was able to finally shine in the dim rooms of deception and disinformation Republicans reside in…except of course those in Garfield County. We shall see if this baby step away from MAGA madness turns into a sprint toward democracy.

Although when asked about taking baby steps toward democracy, Republicans immediately assumed the question was about actual babies, saying, with Roe v. Wade overturned, Republican numbers will increase. The GOP is looking forward to gerrymandering new districts with its future forced population increase.

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