Chaos + Cheating = Trump Win

With the exception of Donald Trump, and his cult followers, people are aware of the fact, that Russian interference, led by Putin, impacted the 2016 election through various avenues, including hacking, and falsehoods on Facebook, aimed at dividing along racial lines, sewing chaos in elections, and creating doubt in election results. Russian interference was done with the desired goal to get Donald Trump elected. Full Stop.

Voters beware, be vocal, and be patient, there will likely be long lines to vote, there will likely be confusion surrounding polling places, there will be falsehoods on Facebook, as clearly rubles matter more than The Republic, to Zuckerf*cker. There are already strong actions designed to prevent Black and brown people from voting, by purging voter roles, and by continuing voter suppression efforts, making it even more difficult for Black people to vote. 

Do not be discouraged. Do not succumb to cynicism. Stand up. Be counted. Speak out now.

Trevor Noah was on to something, maybe if Black people register as Republicans, our votes will count. 

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