Black Lives Matter

In the 1960’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a vast disapproval rating, the majority of white America did not approve of Dr. King, some Black people did not approve of Dr. King, and a J. Edgar Hoover powered FBI, was actively scheming, to destroy Dr. King. The majority of white America thought Dr. King was an extremist, gasp. Black Lives Matter is vilified in a modern day similar way. Respectfully, not equating the legacy of Dr. King to anyone or group. Simply saying, hindsight is 20/20. Who knows, we may see a Black Lives Matter Day in the future. Black Friday, could include a new opportunity for sales with retailers, and consumers twenty years from now, that is if the planet is allowed the ability to function. It is ironic that some of the elements required to sustain democracy: trust, principle, and equality, are among the same elements that will dismantle democracy, if those elements are destroyed. Silence on facts will accelerate the destruction. There is no space for neutered neutrality, or for opportunistic optics that frame the current chaos, as ordinary. Heres hoping an ameliorated, and multifarious FBI, comprised of a sundry of earnest, impartial, honest public servants, is actively working to destroy foreign interference in America’s elections, instead of Black Lives Matter. We are all connected on this Pale Blue Dot. We may as well respect each other whilst here. Cheers.

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