Black dog bigotry

It’s not easy being black, just ask a black dog or a black cat.

Reportedly black dogs and black cats have a hard time finding homes compared to dogs and cats with lighter coats. People looking to adopt a dog or cat often look past dogs and cats that are black, it is a phenomenon called “black dog syndrome” for dogs and “black cat syndrome” for cats. In the human species, it’s not a phenomenon, it’s called, normal.

The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science found that dogs and cats with black fur were negatively impacted in adoption rates. WTF? Are black shelter dogs and cats facing the repercussions of “black fear” whereby people are afraid to adopt based on the color of one’s coat instead of their character?

One reason for the lower adoption rates of black dogs and black cats is the coveted photo. Yep, apparently black dogs and black cats are more difficult to photograph. So it’s all about the photo, guess the camera doesn’t like black either. Good for those that can pass for Lassie and Benji, bad for all the rest of the talented dogs just trying to get their paw in the door.

Perhaps there is a modified passage from Eric Carle’s beloved 1967 children’s book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, (which I loved reading with my son) that reads: Black dog, black dog, what do you see? I see nobody adopting me. Black cat, black cat, what do you see? People wanting white pussies, but nobody wants me.

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