Below the Barr

In William Barr’s audition for the role of Attorney General, in the production of “The President” starring Donald Trump, Barr expressed his personal view on Mueller’s “Obstruction” Theory, through an oddly constructed performance via memorandum. Barr’s audition was panned by many, yet he was eventually cast in the role of, Attorney General.

On opening night, Barr delivered a stuttering, limited, imitation as Attorney General, lacking believability and depth. Barr’s performance was condemned by his peers and professional colleagues with good cause. Unfortunately, Barr was miscast, as the role of Attorney General requires respect for the law, reverence for integrity, and the capability of adhering to the Constitution of the United States of America.

In reviewing Barr’s performance, it has been determined Barr is better equipped for the role of Valet, in the production of “The President” starring Donald Trump, as the role of being a personal male attendant, is one Barr is well suited for.

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