Amy is Contorting the Constitution to her Church’s standards

“Were I confirmed as a judge, I would decide cases according to the rule of law beginning to end,” Amy Coney Barrett

We expected Amy to contort the Constitution to fit her church’s standards. Now, she better expect us to vote…that is until she takes that right away too. Women have historically denied equality to other women. Some women open doors for women, while others ensure doors remain closed. Amy benefited from the strides, sacrifice, and suffering of women who preceded her, most notably Ruth Bader Ginsburg who kept opening doors of opportunity for women. Now Amy is closing the doors of opportunity to generations of women behind her and using her religion to keep the doors locked. Don’t be fooled by Pseudo Sisterhood.

“Your legal career is but a means to an end, and… that end is building the kingdom of God.” Amy Coney Barrett

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