America’s Got Talent…and Racism

The line Black women walk in the workplace is perilous, with our every action, magnified on a level which our Caucasian colleagues, and at times, even other women of color, are not subject to. The ligature that binds a Black woman’s vessel to this Earth, is historically threaded, tied to painful roots of racism, no “Golden Buzzer” is capable of superseding, in order to easily advance past the privatized protection of prejudicial privilege, cemented by centuries of colonizers, to an approved assimilation on center stage. The essence of Black women, our culture, our hair, our skin, our shape, our very socialization in America, and its vast white workplaces – the sanctum of studios, ateliers, factories, and businesses, are by design, destructive to very the ascent of Black women. Black women are living a juxtaposition of being invisible, targeted, and a vital component of the workforce, simultaneously. Although Black women may not receive a Bombshell spotlight of awareness on our abusers, predators, both men and women, from varied backgrounds, we still fight, as all women share the struggle to overcome sexism. Yet, Black women carry the additional burden of racism, the normalized, systematic bias, that seems insurmountable at times, as Black women are fighting on multiple fronts. Women, stand together. When women support each other, we elevate all women. We need more Ally’s, not more assimilation.

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