Alternative Facts = Alternative Laws

In an alternative world, it doesn’t matter if Donald Trump voices acceptance of election help from foreign countries, or if White House staff is violating the Hatch Act, as observed in Trump surrogate and White House employee, Kellyanne Conway. However, this is not an alternative world, and Trump’s abuses of power continue, while he neglects Presidential responsibility to country, that country of course is America, as there may be confusion amoungst insulated Republicans, bemused by the grandeur of the recent Trump family, European vacation. Trump is beyond any charitable excuses of blissful ignorance, he is a sitting President, and self-professed genius.

A federal agency formally recommended Kellyanne Conway be removed from her position at the White House, due to violating the Hatch Act. Yet, due to alternative laws, only a B.S. Certified Nationalist A.S.S., from The Steve Bannon Nationalist School of Xenophobia, can recommend Trump be removed from his position, and due to abdication of duty (and conscience), the Senate is unwilling to recommend any action against their anointed leader. In alternative world, Trump’s regime reigns. This is not alternative world. Following in Trump’s footsteps of academic skulduggery, Bannon’s scholastic scheme has unraveled, he is being forced out of the sprawling Italian monastery, ending the delirium and doltish miasma, set to ravage Italy’s countryside. Fortunately, the nationalist nightmare is upon its cessation, although the Trump approved consigliere, William Barr, is knee deep in oranges, this is the year of justice, foretold by Nostradamus. Behold, orange will also be the new black for Trump and his comrades of complicity.

“Kellyanne Conway first blew our minds with the concept of alternative facts and now she’s taken the next step and she’s got alternative laws.” Sally Kohn

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