Allergic to Accountability

Republicans cannot be the Party of law and order, if they do not follow the law. Once again, Republicans are faced with a choice, they can follow the law or follow Trump. They cannot do both – the law and Trump are diametrically opposing forces. “No one is above the law,” may turn out to be just a catchphrase, as the current Attorney General and current President continue to ignore the rule of law, and ignore the Constitution. Congress is a co-equal branch of government, contrary to Donald Trump’s desire, Congress is not in servitude to King Donald Trump. Faced with criminal actions, from the President and Attorney General, Congressional legal action is on the way. The judicial system has no hesitation in sending Black people to jail for anything (proven or not) yet, there is a notable reaction of imperious indignation, at the thought of sending high ranking Republicans to jail for breaking the law. Why are white people absolutely jolted at the prospect of Congress enforcing jail time for white people who refuse to comply with the law? There are Black people locked up right now for petty actions, not rising to the level of criminal activity, like knowingly defying the law by lying to Congress, refusing to appear before a House Judicial Committee or refusing to comply with a subpoena. Apparently, laws are only enforced with Black people, while others are allowed to shirk culpability. Whether it is affluenza, or a severe allergy to accountability, the diagnosis for Republicans is terminal.

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