A’s for Allies

White people, welcome into the light of being on the right side of history. Finally, you are no longer silent, speaking out, in the face of the Caucasian cowardice permeating the White House, places of power, and all those private white spaces.

White folks have taken little steps toward becoming an Ally. Now is time to step it up:

Step 1: Admit – admit there is systemic racism – admit racism is killing Black people. Note, there is no such thing as reverse racism.

Step 2: Acknowledge – acknowledge your role in systematic racism. Yes, you play a role.

Step 3: Access – access your feelings, find out the source of the defensiveness, denial, or fear – whatever the feeling is when racism is even mentioned. Stop taking your feelings out on Black people – we are not your emotional scapegoats, nor are we here to absolve you.

Step 4: Align – come together in alliance to ensure the necessary action for equality in the spaces you occupy. Call out racism in white spaces to white faces.

Step 5: Apologize – say you are sorry for your past, or present actions, without the words, “if,” “but,” or, “all lives.” Do not refer to yourself as colorblind, unless you actually have the genetic condition. Do not make the apology about you. Do not expect forgiveness. Be accountable.

Step 6: Atone – redress the balance, set right the wrongs, there is no benign racism, every particle has impact, every atom is felt. Reparation is not a bad word.

Step 7: Act – tangible action is required beyond a hashtag, sadness, or regret. Implement immediate impactful lasting policy, and constitutional changes. Use your powerful vote for good, ensure every person is able to vote. Ensure every vote counts everywhere. Vote.

The onus is not on Black people. White people, y’all have to step up to the plate, and surrender any perception of superiority. You are not supreme, nor are you a savior.

Ataraxy will eventually be something we all experience. The time is long overdue, we will not turn back. Normalizing white supremacy is over. Apathy is not acceptable.

at·a·rax·y/ˈadəˌraksē/noun: ataraxia: a state of serene calmness; the absence of mental stress or anxiety; peace of mind, peacefulness, peace, repose, serenity, heartsease, tranquility; a state of peace.

“I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” James Baldwin

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