The E! True Hollywood Story differs on the exact origin story of April Fool’s Day, there was probably a data entry error during the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, we’ve all mixed days up at some point, raise your hand if you too thought today was Friday. Whether it’s an ancient Roman festival honoring masquerades and jokes, The Canterbury Tales, or the vernal equinox, let’s embrace April Fool’s Day, spring, and all things hilarious. Human beings need fresh renewal and smiles as we make our way through all this.

So, break out the pandemic pranks and quarantine tall tales. Keep in mind pranks should follow CDC pandemic prank guidelines: social distance, wear a mask or two, wash your hands, and perform pranks in an outdoor setting with no more than 7 people. Look before you leap, pandemic pranks may lurk anywhere, however, you’ve probably tied your shoelaces together at some point during quarantine already. And please remember, prank calls about someone getting arrested, fired, or sick, may not be well received at this particular moment…our souls are stretched.

It’s a time for new beginnings, and change for the better y’all. Let’s clean out the old tired vibes of vitriol, and revivify, we gotta lift each other up, this includes corporations, they are people too. Therefore, lift people up, corporations, the “election fraud lie” is not a tall tale, it’s an actual lie.

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