This is typical, and tacky, former Senator, Chris Dodd, from Connecticut, is getting emotional about Kamala Harris, particularly her non-apologetic self worth, and oh no, Kamala Harris wasn’t remorseful after the Democratic debate with Joe Biden, and even worse, she has ambition – gasp.

Perhaps Dodd should come right out and say, “Kamala, of course you may debate Joe Biden, just do it in a way we are comfortable with. Preferably in a manner which we deem appropriate, and acceptable. In other words, don’t get too big for your britches. Wait a minute, why are you even wearing pants anyway? Don’t you own a nice pink petticoat?”

Face it, fear of female ambition is real, especially fear of Black female ambition. Black women do not require permission to be ambitious. We do not require approval to match action with our worth, or our words. We do not need the white establishment to pit Black women against each other.

To quote Kamala Harris, “I’m done. We need action.” Time for a Black woman in the Oval Office, for team America, calling the shots, not absorbing them.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, not the petty.

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