10 Year Conscience Challenge

By Tami Warren

Many are engaging in the 10 Year Challenge, by posting current photos of themselves alongside photos from 10 years ago, comparing what has changed, looking at hair styles (maybe you had a jheri curl or a mullet), crooked teeth, wrinkles, and other physical transformations. Appearance seems to be the primary focus in the 10 Year Challenge.

How about a different 10 Year Challenge? Instead of posting photos showcasing change to your style, physical appearance, or lack thereof, let’s engage a real 10 Year Challenge, by sharing how your thoughts or beliefs have changed.

The 10 Year Conscience Challenge  – has what you believe or think changed in 10 years?

Our lives should reflect change, evolution of thought in which we grow and mature with knowledge and experience, to create the space for aware informed choices. Maya Angelou said it best, “When you know better, do better.” What do you know better now? How have you evolved over the past 10 years? Have you changed the way you think about people, politics, or what you value? For example:

Were you oppose to interracial marriage or dating outside of your race?

Did you think climate change was not real?

Were you oppose to gay marriage?

Did you think business functioned better with men in charge?

Were you a Republican 10 years ago?

Did you think sexual assault only had female victims and male perpetrators?

Did you think health care was a privilege not a human right?

Did you think it was fine to appear in blackface?

Has what makes you laugh changed over 10 years?

Who did you look up to 10 years ago?

Who did you love or loathe 10 years ago?

Were you afraid to speak up to protect someone from a bully or a bigot 10 years ago, are you still afraid now?

Did you believe, being married, having children, being white and being male, were required to be President – what do you think it takes to be President today?

Reflect on how your thoughts and beliefs have changed over the past 10 years. Make a list of what you thought or believed 10 years ago and what you think and believe today – what do you know now and how are you applying this knowledge for the better, today?

Evolving and developing thoughts or beliefs with new knowledge or experience is a good thing. Being in a state of arrested development stagnates civilized society.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou


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