When Donald yells “fore!” It’s about his indictments.

Donald took a break from hitting golf balls, to hit a keyboard, releasing a few choice non truthful words about his fourth indictment. And according to Donald, he’s been “indicated” again.

Indicated in what you may ask? An indictment.

Full disclosure, spelling is not my forte. Yes, I love reading and value words, yet a spelling bee is not for me. There’s no judgement here with regard to one’s capacity to spell. Having said that, it is a bit surprising that Donald still can’t spell the word, indicted. He’s been indicted 4 times…so far.

This time, Donald, along with 18 of his asses associates, were indicted on 41 felony counts in Georgia for trying to dismiss democracy and install Donald as America’s permanent president.

Those indicted include Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, and a former Kanye West public relations person involved with intimidating Ruby Freeman.

Donald, who seems to get people to do whatever he wants, may finally be losing his MAGA mojo. But, that seems nearly impossible considering that he remains the Republican Party’s leading candidate for President. Yep, Donald is still the GOP’s self-anointed Rico Suave, although in this case, he’s just, RICO sans the suave.

Four! Indictments…so far.