The call is coming from inside the People’s House

Aspects of the 1970’s are making a comeback in the political arena, and in film. Impeachment is kicking down the White House front door, with the psychopathic terror impacting America coming from inside the People’s House. Whether it’s the 1974 impeachment and resignation saga of Dick Nixon, or the 1979 film, When a Stranger Calls, written by Steve Feke and Fred Walton, America is experiencing a 1970’s kind of vibe; even the film’s classic line, “The call is coming from inside the house,” is regularly utilized to describe the actions of a rogue “President” with Trump openly discussed as an actual threat to America. Only now, in the current horror genre of geopolitical events Americans are enduring, the caller would eerily say, “Have you checked the Constitution?” The 70’s did have funkadelic elements worth repeating. Therefore, bring back the threads, not the threats of the decade. The clean lines and minimalist designs, created by icon Halston, are necessary and timeless.

“Have you checked the Constitution?”