Republicans angered by reports of alien technical supremacy

Republicans voiced anger over aliens being credited with having technical supremacy, arguing that white people are the real supreme beings.

Republicans were outraged by testimony from David Grusch, a former US intelligence official, who detailed the technical advances of aliens or “nonhuman biological matter,” as he put it, while appearing at a House Oversight subcommittee hearing to discuss unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP’s.

Republicans called for the immediate installation of barb wire around all satellites orbiting Earth and demanded a space wall be built to keep all illegal aliens out of the country. Members of the GOP were fuming mad at the idea of anyone or anything coming to America illegally.

Republican Governors Abbott and DeSantis plan to put “nonhuman biological matter” found in Florida and Texas on buses to Washington D.C. just as soon as they figure out what it means to be human.

Republicans call for an end to the “cover up” about aliens…covering up history is fine but, the GOP draws the line with aliens. When it comes to aliens, all the facts must be revealed.

According to Republicans, aliens, not autocracy, is the real threat to America.