Pat Schroeder: housewife and one helluva Congresswoman

Pat Schroeder was the first woman to represent Colorado in Congress in 1972, winning re-election 11 times. She not only made strides for people in Colorado but across the nation. Pat Schroeder proved that women could be housewives and work the halls of Congress. She opened doors for future generations of women to work not just in a house, but the House. Pat Schroeder was a fearless feminist who blazed a path for women to be unapologetic voices for progress. She was a bright light of wit and reason during her 82 trips around the sun.

I always wanted to be cremated and made into a doorstop so I could hold a door open because basically what I want to do is hold doors open for people. And I figured that’s what I was trying to do in my political career. So why not try and do it in the afterlife, too?

Pat Schroeder