Listen to what Emily Kohrs said, instead of how she said it

Blayne Alexander, NBC News Correspondent, got the interview with Georgia grand jury foreperson, Emily Kohrs…the on camera interview that polished people, pundits, and media savvy savants nationwide are flipping out over. It’s as though every person who is or has ever been on television, forgot that actual regular people, meaning folks who do not live by the doctrine of media training, do exist. They serve in all aspects of American society, including jury duty. Emily Kohrs, citizen and juror, agreed to an on camera interview, where at times she was coy, laughed, rolled her eyes, and smiled. Gasp. Emily appeared without a lawyer by her side, nor a stylist at the ready. It was just Emily, Blayne Alexander, a camera crew, and some geese.

Emily Kohrs is a regular person who served on a jury. Then, did interviews in accordance with Georgia law. Emily’s interviews didn’t jeopardize the future of indictments, nor did she open an escape hatch for Donald. Emily’s interviews were damn near refreshing in a sea of monotone zombies, afraid to step foot outside of what is dictated in the media savvy bible for on-air comportment. It’s not like she pulled a Howard Dean and screamed like he did in 2004. Ah, good times…when an unorthodox scream was all it took to tank one’s election dreams. Emily did a crackerjack job in her on camera interviews – she would be fantastic on $100,000 Pyramid, she knows how to say just enough, without giving it away.

Emily Kohrs gave an unscripted interview, without the shield of media training or an agenda. She was simply excited to share what happened during her service as a juror. Sure, Emily lacked Kari Lake lighting and the “I recite words perfectly” news-like delivery that renders small segments in Arizona hapless and hate filled. Nor does Emily have the George Santos lingo for lying, which he perfected during study abroad classes at Mar-a-Lago. Emily displayed competence, along with an odd expression of pleasure when she described meeting Rudy Giuliani. However, if the judges of the juror, could take a moment to listen to what Emily said, instead of how she said it, they would have heard her telegraph to America that we are about to see Donald Trump and his fellow comrades in coup, get indicted.

Donald started a violent coup involving multiple branches of government, lied about it, and will be indicted. Indicted Donald won’t take this well. Chances are he will take indictment as well as he took losing the election…no major plot twists there. Remember, this whole thing is about Donald’s plot to overthrow democracy. Georgia’s grand jury wasn’t a “clown show” as Donald’s team is trying to push, although, if anyone knows what it takes to be a clown, with a show, it’s Donald.

“The legal system works by choice. It’s the whole government, it’s government by choice of the people, that’s how government functions.” Emily Kohrs

Emily Kohrs has something to say about democracy: “If we don’t participate in it, it won’t work.”