It’s not personal, it’s impeachable

The Republican defense against impeaching their Party’s standard bearer is, “Some people don’t like the President.” It comes as no surprise when defending a narcissist, of course, you must make it all about him, and Trump believes it is all about him. When in fact, it is about The United States Constitution.

Individual 1, is engaging classic projection, “It’s not me, it’s them.” Trump has fully taken over the Republican Party, and the DOJ, he invaded conservatism, and took control, his prints are everywhere. Trump and his Party are pushing public support of Putin’s political plan. The GOP and GRU are actually saying, Ukraine was responsible for interference in America’s election, the FBI is not to be trusted, and of course, the real “victim” in the impeachment trial is Trump.

There is no one in the White House, with the aptitude, or integrity to simply state to Trump, “It’s not personal, it’s impeachable.” Because for Trump, everything is personal. Placating, and enabling Trump at every step is shameful, not to mention dangerous, yet shame is not experienced by this President, or his Party.

The Constitution is being flushed down the toilet by this Administration, yet Trump cares about the number of flushes, not the Constitution that is being flushed. For Trump and his Republican Party, honoring the oath to uphold the Constitution is optional. Let’s hope washing their hands after they flush, is mandatory.