Having a big bowl of pasta is healthier than having a big ego

“The idea behind ‘Defending Your Life’: Imagine if you had to sit in a courtroom and watch your life. I don’t care who you are – if you committed a crime and you had to have all of your emails searched and made public, who on this planet could survive that? Nobody.” Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks is prophetic and funny…now people do actually have their email made public, then it is survive or perish. Evolve. Part of evolving is conquering your fear. Darwin pissed people off when he wrote and spoke of evolution, survival of the fittest – survive.

Who knows, perhaps we will find ourselves defending our lives in the afterlife just like Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep in the 1991 film, Defending Your Life. So, let’s give fear the middle finger in this life so it doesn’t hinder us in the afterlife.

Let go of inflated egos and fear, both will end up hurting your case on the other side.

Namaste Mr. Brooks, we see the light in you.