Glacier in Iceland dies, this is not OK.

Due to the direct consequences of climate change, caused by human action, a glacier in Ok, Iceland has vastly diminished. As a result, Okjökull, was issued a death certificate, it’s no longer considered a glacier. This is serious fellow Earthlings, we are speeding toward environmental devastation. We cannot allow current or impending environmental catastrophes to fall off the radar. Even with legitimate round-the-clock breaking news flooding the ether, we must take action on climate change. To do nothing, or maintain the status quo, will surely seal a caliginous future. If there is anything we must come together on right now, it is combating climate change, not combating one another.

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Tami Warren is the writer and creator of Namaste Negro. She lives life with daily doses of humor in Denver, Colorado. Tami earned a B.A. in Sociology, from the University of Colorado. Tami keeps it high, in the Mile High City. Humor is healthy, so cachinnate. Compassion and comedy are not required, but they are extremely helpful. We are all connected on this planet. So, we may as well greet each other and say, Namaste. Hate is heavy, be light.

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