Blacklash for Being Black at Work is Real

It was no surprise to read that Black employees face backlash for following a basic premise of career guidance: advocate for yourself. That’s right, advocating for yourself when you are Black has an adverse impact. In other words, neither we, nor our work, should speak?

The researchers found that although white, Asian and Latinx employees received higher job ratings when they talked more about their contributions and accomplishments, Black employees were penalized by white managers for doing the same thing.

Huffington Post

The data is in and it’s what most Black people already knew, the career advice of advocating for yourself, does not apply to us. “Self-promoting at work benefited white, Asian and Latinx employees while it had negative consequences for Black colleagues,” Monica Torres.

The blacklash we experience for simply being Black is real. Don’t let the white prism of privilege fool you and don’t fall prey to the model minority myth, it’s all a shield for white supremacy. Bias is real, with consequences that damage the jobs and careers of Black people.

Here are a few other pieces of “career advice” that may or may not benefit Black folks:

• Network – managers tend to hire who they know and feel comfortable with.

The comfort of white people outweighs everything else. Some white people are not only uncomfortable with Black history, they are uncomfortable with Black people.

• Fail – fail make mistakes, you won’t learn unless you make mistakes and fail.

Seems like Black people are forced to operate in an error free zone and not just at work.

• Say “No.” – it’s good to set clear limits at work with colleagues.

Black people are always being told to comply, and not just in the workplace; when we say, “No,” it pisses people off.

• Cry – let it out, crying at work is a good thing, after all, we all have feelings.


• Human Resources is for all employees.

Human Resources…okay.

Blacklash for being Black is real. From not being welcomed, to being targeted and ostracized. Black people have a helluva lot to deal with on top of every day life and planetary upheaval.

So, let’s start quoting Antonio Hardy aka, Big Daddy Kane, six foot one dark and lovely, next time we are advocating for ourselves…just keep in mind you might get sent to Human Resources.

I Get The Job Done, by Antonio Hardy

Employee of the Month, cause yo, I do work
The K.A.N.E is on the J.O.B
An expert, cause I get it D.O.N.E
So lights, camera, action, all hail the one

That gets the job done (I work)
I work
I get the job done (I work)
I work, baby
I get the job done (I work)
I work