“America does not need and cannot afford this junk,” Lauren Boebert

Well folks, the vape smoke has cleared, excuses have been submitted, and an apology was issued, yet the reality remains the same, Coloradans need to vote Lauren Boebert out. Not because she vaped and fiddled with her date’s dick, while being felt up at a public theater, but because she is bad for democracy and musicals. It’s easy to forgive a date night that got a little too turned up. However, supporting a coup to end democracy is beyond the forget and forgive category.

The burning question that must be answered is, what was she vaping? Nicotine isn’t known to make one dance in their seat and spontaneously sing out loud. Although it’s nice to know a Republican is capable of reaching across Party lines to stroke a dick that’s not attached to Donald.

America does not need and cannot afford Lauren Boebert in Congress, her disregard for the theater and democracy is dangerous…more dangerous than a drag queen with a book.