a·po·lit·i·cal Health Agencies Flaunt Donald’s Agenda, Flout Science

While in Donald’s hands, the handling of the nation’s health keeps getting worse. Donald has infiltrated the FDA, and the CDC, with a central desire to manipulate science, in order to support his personal political agenda. The Administration is changing vaccine guidelines, and rushing out unfounded claims through the FDA, whose initials now stand for, Flaunting Donald’s Agenda. The name change was noticed after several people received correspondence on new FDA stationary, delays in mail service slowed its delivery to a number of outlets. From the FDA’s wildly overstated effects of plasma power, as a COVID-19 therapy, to forced stays at Trump Hotels, as treatment for TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the FDA has chosen to flaunt Trump’s agenda, while flouting science. The FDA is destroying its credibility, and creating chaos in America’s medical community, all to please their master, Donald. Yep folks, the same guy who suggested injecting bleach, as a treatment for coronavirus, is determining what the FDA approves. No word yet on when the my pillow dude’s new pillow called, Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillow, which claims to transmit prayers while people sleep directly to Jesus Christ, will receive FDA approval. Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillows are designed to replace memory foam pillows, as Donald does not want anyone to remember anything. The Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillow is expected to be released prior to November 3, so that the last four years are forgotten, with an emphasis placed on erasing the last four weeks.

Jesus Christ was unavailable for immediate comment regarding the Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillow, or its pending FDA approval, as He has been busy facilitating the high volume of souls currently entering the Pearly Gates due to COVID-19. However, His office released a statement saying, Jesus Christ will not reply to prayers through Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillows, or Jerry Falwell Jr. Upon hearing this statement, Donald was quick to respond, discrediting Jesus Christ as being a low energy carpenter, with poor ratings, claiming Jesus Christ only has a job because of his dad. Donald has since called for Ukrainian officials to investigate Jesus Christ. Donald’s support of the Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillow, is under review, as he is financially invested in its success, not to mention Donald’s proposed hotel in Bethlehem, tentatively called, Tithe and Tassels Hotel and Spa. The Administration is questioning Jesus Christ being legally allowed to be in the US, after they revoked his visa, previously reissued under the Obama Administration. Apostle’s of Jesus Christ took to the streets, peacefully protesting Donald’s actions. The Administration arrested His apostles during the peaceful protests, claiming they were outside agitators disrupting law and order. Donald then said, Jesus Christ is a socialist, and that he barely knows Him. At the direction of Donald, the CDC added the Orison Foam Feathers of Faith Pillow, as a suggested method of treatment, and support Donald not wearing a mask saying, any droplets directly from Donald are considered holy expulsions.

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